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The Heart of the Academy

How our Academy Works

At Art of Finance SF Academy, we are dedicated to teaching financial literacy to young people so that they could be prepared for the world of money.  We strive to help students see the world from a different lens, avoid financial mistakes, make the right financial decision at each season of life, and discover their passion for business, finance, economics and entrepreneurship.  

Students will explore different ways to apply this knowledge in multiple aspects of student life and form habits, and ultimately become a vital contributor in their communities and lead wherever they go.

Our Academy provides project based learning, gamified activities, and discovery learning methodologies to keep students engaged and challenged.  We believe the application of financial knowledge is different for each person and different at various stages, but one must learn the fundamentals and have a solid foundation of these financial tools to be effective and creative in shaping their lives.  This is the financial education foundation we believe every child should have before age 18. 

Having this knowledge is not enough.  Once they master this financial knowledge, we promote the students to use it often and make it a habit especially for early age adopters - This long term strategy must co-exist with real world applications and day to day hands on experiences to create good financial habits and mindset.

At Art of Finance SF Academy, we strive to be the best at what we do with these core values at heart; challenge ourselves to be bold with our financial ambition and dreams, as we embrace teamwork, tenacity, ingenuity, creativity, grace, gratitude, generosity, grit and love & respect.  Taught through real world application, laced with the AOF core values, as real world habits are formed, each student goes through the different seasons and stages of life making the wisest financial decision for themselves, their family, community and impacting the world.

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Like all learning, financial education is a process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout life.  This cumulative process builds the skills necessary for making critical financial decisions that affect one's ability to attain the assets, such as education, property, and savings, that improve economic well-being.

Alan Greenspan,
(former chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States)

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