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Download Transport Collectif Ppt BETTER

Rural Transport. Report of discussion group debates and recommendations for SSATP. Areas of discussion. Rural transport and agriculture Rural transport and health - Emergency transport services Current and planned SSATP activities under DP2. Citation.

Download transport collectif ppt

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International shipping emits 2-3 percent of global GHG emissions, transporting close to 80 percent of global trade by volume. To curb the emissions from shipping, the IMO has agreed on an ambition to reduce GHG emissions from shipping by at least 50 percent by 2050. To reach this goal and to make the transition to full decarbonization possible, commercially viable zero emission vessels must start entering the global fleet by 2030, with their numbers to be radically scaled up through the 2030s and 2040s. This will require both developing the vessels as well as the future fuel supply chain, which can only be done through close collaboration and deliberate collective action between the maritime industry, the energy sector, the financial sector, and governments and IGOs. 041b061a72


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