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Download Love Will Find a Way MP3 Song Online | The New London Chorale

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Medicine Man, Together, HeartBeat, Mike Love & The Full Circle (Live At Home In Hawaii), These Are My Roots, Love Overflowing, and Love Will Find A Way. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $22.46 USD (25% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Time To Wake Up 08:18 buy track 2. Good News 04:58 lyrics buy track Just gimme some good newsI'm done singing the bluesWanna feel the sunshine And remember a timeWhen there was good newsAnd we kicked off our shoesAnd felt the rain fallDidn't need nothing at allI remember when we were still youngAnd 20 dollars seemed like a fortuneNow money seems so importantWhere did we go wrongWe gotta get back to those daysWhere we could just sit and playFor hours with nothing but our imaginationsI wanna feel like a child againI wanna regain my innocence'Cause sometimes it seems like a lieEverything we see through these eyesWe been so desensitized by televisionLike products on assembly linesThey're manufacturing our mindsWhen will we freeze frame and rewindBack to a timeWhen there was good newsAnd we kicked off our shoesAnd felt the rainfallDidn't need nothing at allJust gimme some good newsI'm done singing the bluesWanna feel the sunshineAnd lose track of the timeSaid it's never gonna stop until we drop outta this rat race, take a taste from the cup of redemptionAre we ever really gonna know which way to go to let it flow, oh now people are you paying attentionDid I forget to mention, I got another questionAre you ready to move becauseWe're grooving out of babylon, babylon is fallingCome on now people, we gotta follow Jah LoveIf we're gonna reach Zion aboveIn this technological age, everybody's got a Facebook pageWhatever happened to face to face communicationSo let's all put down our cellphones and leave the laptops at homeCause brother it's been such a long timeSo come on insideI got some good newsI'm done singing the bluesWanna feel the sunshineAnd remember a timeWhen there was good newsAnd we kicked off our shoesAnd played some kickballMade a cup and string phone callI just wanna rememberI can almost see it in my mindJust take me back to a time when things were simplerI just wanna rememberI can almost feel it in my heartJust take me back to the startWhen things were easierJust gimme that gimme that gimme thatGood news, gimme some Love, I could never get enough of it filling me upI wanna feel like a child again 3. Can't Take It With You When You Go 04:22 lyrics buy track You can't take it with you when you goNo you can't take it with you when you goCollect your silver, collect your goldBut in the end what will you have to show'Cause you can't take it with you when you goI was born at quarter to two in the morningIn the best suit I ever wornAnd with my first breath I sang out a warningTo the world I had arrivedAnd I cried out when I first saw the lightI was blindedI had been so in Love with the darknessBut adjustment is just part of lifeAnd everywhere I looked everything was changingEvery moment a new face was appearingAnd steering me, clearing my path to the next phase of the maze of unfolding awakening, shaking meAnd then I drank from the heart of my MotherAnd heard the song from the soul of my FatherAnd further I flew and into this new world of opportunity, moving me, forming and informing me soTell me, teach me, show me everything I need to know'Cause you can't take it with you when you goI was a punk little teenager, tormenting my Mother with all the mistakes I madeBut I never once put a possession over a person that's just how I was raisedAnd I labored in a full time job for minimum wageYeah but my savior was this guitar said aloha to these new slave tradersI'll never again waste another drop of perspiration on a corporation, no matter what they payAnd I don't need no Christmas bonus I don't need no raiseCause it won't do you no good in your graveNo it won't do you no good in your graveBreak your back, go on, slave awayTo count your coins up at the end of the dayBut it won't do you no good in your graveAnd when I grew into what they refer to as a man, I was told I had to have a planNever really understood why, but I told them I would trySeems this system is just designed to make you want shit you don't really needFill your heart with greedPlant a seed of separation in your soulJust remember happiness can not be bought or soldAnd you can't take it with you when you goChildren listen please, let me say my pieceGrowing up is a disease, don't you catch itCan't take it with you when you goNo you can't take it with you when you goCollect your silver, collect your goldBut in the end what will you have to show'Cause you can't take it with you when you goYou can take my Love with you when you goAnd I'll take your Love with me when I goAnd hand in hand we'll leave this land and go wherever the trade winds blowAnd we'll take this love with us when we go 4. Let It Rain 05:17 lyrics buy track Chorus: Please Jah, let it rainLet it wash all this wickedness awaySo much sorrow, so much painLet the sun come out to shine another dayPlease Jah, let it rainAnd if our roots are strong we will remainLet it rain, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, let it rainIn the beginning there was only LoveAll was connected to the Most High aboveEvery creature lived in harmonyThere was no language for the word enemyAll animals were equal under Jah sunThere was just enough food for everyoneThere were no squabbles and no ego tripsThere was no language for the word ownershipThen along came mankind, eager to prove his worth and his mightTo conquer the land, conquer the seas, conquer the skiesA god in his own eyesBut be careful you build your house too highStanding on your tiptoes trying to touch the sky, you're gonna toppleLook how your foundation crumbleYou had everything you could need, but you just couldn't keep it simpleChorusHow long will we wait for humanity to come aroundIs the gap too great to cross this divide and be reunitedI should have known it, I should have seen it coming creeping like a shadow on my heart, hungry like a vampireI should have felt it, historically the signs were there for all to see, esoterically hidden in plain sightSo gather your freedom and hold it tight, yeah we're gonna live it up tonightFollow me brother cause babylon never discover the treasure that we hold, oh noHow long will we wait, open the doors of Zion gateWe will suffer no moreCan't you hear we knocking, knocking at your doorHow long will we waitWill we open the seventh and seal our fateIs the gap too great, to cross this divide and be reunited'Cause they will never give up, 'til they sucked every last drop of blood from out of our veinsSo we got only one choice, listen closely to my voice, we got to take back our freedomChorus 5. I Love You 04:55 lyrics buy track If you're prayerful, Jah will answer your prayersSo just be upful, cause I will always be thereAnd please be careful, to fill your heart up with careAnd positivity will follow you, everywhere you goOh my little brotherBless you my sisterJah Loves you mamaJah Loves you papaIt's a beautiful world that we're living inBut it's a crazy world, why's it always changingSeems like every time we get comfy and we settle downThen they uproot us and they dupe us into movingHow many my brothers, how many sisters have given up their livesJust to be pawns in these wicked war gamesManipulated into thinking that they fought and diedFor their religion, killing in God's nameInside aren't we all just the sameChorus:So true Love I am singing from my heart and soulWant you to know, I Love youJah Love is the reason that we're standing hereSo let me be clear, I Love youStill this war goes on, but if we run away, we will live to fight another dayIf you can't hold on, just take my hand and pray, cause InI know that Love will find a wayDon't you know Love will find a wayChorus/repeat intro/Chorus 6. Gonna Make It 07:22 lyrics buy track Everywhere I been, I been learning how to get to wherever I amAnd where I am is where I'm going and I'm going to the promised landI don't always know my direction, but in faith and Love I overstandThat if I ask up for guidance, I'm guided by the almighty handAnd every time I'm feeling inspired, I take my guitar in my two handsJah Love is all that I man require to reach that holy Zion landAnd I won't let them take it away, no I man, I won't be led astrayAnd I don't need to ride nobody's coattails, and I don't need no one to hold my handI'm gonna make it on my own two feetI'm gonna make it on my blood, sweat and tearsI'm gonna make it, not gonna fake it, no wayThey said get a degree but it wasn't for meHigher education of the Almighty through music, teach me Love, teach me to use itAll I ever wanted was to spread Jah Love, and the only way that I could rise above was music, sweet Jah reggae musicSo every note I plays is to give praise, that's why I play guitar and I singAnd I wouldn't trade these blisters on my fingers for no diamond ringsI sing just for the Love of Jah music, to lift you up when you are tattered and wornAnd if I sound a little bit hoarse it's 'cause I been singing since the day I was bornAnd I just wanna sing a little bit more, and I'm sure that you can feel meDon't need you to know just where I'm coming from, but I need you to feel meSo take it and make it your own songAnd don't you let them take it awayNo don't you let them lead you astrayYou're gonna make it on your own two feetYou're gonna make it on your blood, sweat and tearsYou're gonna make it, not gonna fake it, no wayI will never sell my soul to them, so many already givin' in, dem a caught up in confusion, suffering delusionsAll this dirt that we been digging inSearching for something that we will never findOh mankind we can't let them take it awayWe won't let them lead us astrayAnd we don't need no president to lead usAnd we don't need no general to take a standWe're gonna make it on our own two feetWe're gonna make it on our blood, sweat and tearsWe're gonna make it, not gonna fake it, no wayCan you feel me, my heart pumping in my chestCan you feel me, oh people please say yesI need you to feel me, this is the real me, the reason I'm singing, the Love that I'm bringing is pure, unfiltered for sure'Cause in my mind I saw a vision of peaceEvery man, every woman, every child, one familyAll singing together in one perfect harmonyIt's not so far away, we're gonna make it someday 7. No Regrets 05:02 buy track 8. Step Lightly 09:01 buy track 9. Roll River Roll 04:46 buy track 10. Advaya's Song 03:45 buy track 11. Mike Love, Paula Fuga, Trevor Hall, & Nahko - Love Will Find A Way 08:33 buy track credits released September 1, 2015 license all rights reserved tags Tags reggae roots singer songwriter Hawaii Shopping cart subtotal USD taxes calculated at checkout Check out about Mike Love Hawaii

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