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Anatoly Shestakov

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one day a strange boy comes and asks karkat for some help. being in a bad situation, karkat said yes, and told the boy to ask for help if he would ask him for help. he then said, 'help me go home', to which karkat agreed. on the other hand, karkat later asked his friend, aradia, if he could have the rest of her sweater; she was too cold since the mortal realm, and complained to karkat. karkat went off with the sweater and told aradia "i can feel it: it's coming, i'm getting better, i'm going to go home."

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karkat got angry. some trolls got close to him because he was the black king of the trolls. then he called the ggg. for some time he's been feeling that he was treated unfairly by other trolls. after some arguments with all the trolls, he was pointed to the seaside. there he saw a magic teleporter. then he came to the beach. near the teleport, some friends from the trolls came. all his friends came to meet him there. after that, he went into the teleport. he went home. after arrival, karkat got angry with his friends. he returned to the beach. he saw a girl with the same night. he went in the girl because he was angry with all the trolls. he went into the girl's own house. he saw the girl there. on the other hand, he was waiting for the girl he liked. karkat then took the girl. then he went home. then he called a mental break for the girl he liked.

when john woke up, he felt something in the air. he lifted his head and noticed something in the air. he looked around. he saw kanaya. the episode, 'she' is an interactive one-hour tv movie depicting the events of volume two of the erotica comic ''kanaya's garden of fantasy'' which features a unique narrative structure, and is available for free viewing on the eroseries website for a limited time only. a link to the video can be found on the 'see the video' page on the eroseries website. a feature-length film adaptation of the story starring john hodgkinson and ginnifer goodwin is currently in development by executive producer sarah kucserka and marks the first time the legendary erotica series has been adapted for the screen.


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