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Home Alone House Aka The McCallister House - Wi...

The 'Home Alone' house in Winnetka, Ill. will be available to rent through Airbnb for one night later this month. The $25 stay will also include junk food, booby traps, a film screening and other holiday hijinks. Sarah Crowley/Airbnb hide caption

Home Alone House aka The McCallister House - Wi...

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Up to four lucky mischief makers will be able to stay in the McCallister family's house on the night of Dec. 12 for just $25, the rental company announced on Wednesday. Renters can request to book the suburban Chicago property beginning Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. CT.

It is not clear who owns the house, or how exactly it made its way to Airbnb. The family who owned the property at the time of filming sold it to the current owners in 2012 for $1.5 million, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The listing describes the 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house as being tucked away on a picturesque street in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, and calls the neighborhood a friendly one "despite past encounters with crooks and folklore about Old Man Marley."

Frank lived in Ohio with his wife and children. Following his younger brother Rob's relocation to Paris as part of a job promotion during a summer, Frank's nephew Rod, who was Rob's firstborn son, stayed with them to finish high school.[1][2] Before Christmas, Rob paid for the McCallister family to take a trip to Paris in order to be reunited for the holidays; Frank drove his family and Rod to his brother Peter's house in Winnetka to leave for the vacation together.[3]

The concept of the houseboat was born out of the Great Depression, when blue-collar laborers in the Seattle area built or moved into tax-free houseboats in order to save on the cost of housing. Ironically, homes in this once low-income house boat community now sell for millions of dollars. The 2,200-square-foot, four bedroom/two bathroom houseboat featured in the movie reportedly sold for $2 million in 2014.

The movie was set and filmed in Simi, Valley, California, and while the ghosts may have been fake, the house was very much real. Scary movie fanatics can visit the house where little Carol Anne was sucked into a TV and her brother Robbie was almost swallowed by a tree, as the house still exists today on 4267 Roxbury Street.

After visiting lakefront homes in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois and coming up short, however, it was decided that the production would construct the house themselves on Maple Lake in Willow Springs, Illinois. Made nearly entirely of glass, the house offered front row views of the water and surrounding forest, and featured a giant maple tree sprouting through the center of it.

When deliberating on which house would serve as the haunted mansion in the Harrison Ford/Michelle Pfeifer ghost thriller What Lies Beneath, production designers knew they needed a house that would resemble a dream house during the day, but a spooky and foreboding fright-fest at night.

The story behind the gorgeous plantation home featured in the American classic Gone with the Wind is a sad one for Scarlett O'Hara fans. The house's exterior has gone with the wind (or at least gone into someone's garage).

As the story goes, the house was originally created in a back lot in Culver City, California. Production crews created two exterior shells and even at times used a painting of the house as a stand-in (hey, it was the 30s). The house remained in the studio lot until the 1950s when it was sold to a person who'd planned on staging it in an amusement park. Well, the park never opened and the Gone with the Wind House was left to collect dust in a storage facility.

A reboot of the original '90s movie, Home Sweet Home Alone, revolves around a similar plot of two thieves and a kid home alone. What makes this movie different is that this time the thieves are not actual thieves but a married couple trying to get their doll back.

Home Sweet Home Alone opens with Jeff (Rob Delaney) and Pam McKenzie (Ellie Kemper) trying to sell their house at an open house. The unfortunate reason behind this being Jeff losing his job and Pam not being able to support the family with her income. This is where they meet Max Mercer (Archie Yates) and his mother Carol Mercer (Aisling Bea), who are just pretending to be buyers so that Max can use the restroom.

The next morning, desperate to sell the odd doll, Jeff tries to find it but realizes that it's missing. His first doubt lands on Max as he is the one who showed interest. Jeff manages to locate the Mercer household only to see them leaving. During all the chaos, he overhears the security code and sees where the house key is hidden. After his attempt of almost breaking in and failing, he goes to Pam and tells her about it. They both agree to steal the doll back at night.

Meanwhile, Max discovers that he has been left behind by the family and takes advantage of the same, which eventually becomes boring for him. On the other hand, Jeff and Pam have arrived at the Mercer house and successfully break-in. Max overhears them talking about getting an 'ugly little boy' and selling him off for money, instantly assuming they are talking about him.

He manages to scare them off with cops, thanks to Jeff putting in the wrong security code. Officer Buzz McCallister arrives and Pam takes it upon herself to divert his attention while Max comes to the realization that his parents might get arrested if the police find out he is home alone.

Back in Tokyo, Carol realizes that Max has been left home alone and buys a ticket to head back. Home Sweet Home Alone then follows a series of hilarious attempts by the McKenzies trying to break into the Mercer house only to fall into the traps set by Max, the Home Alone kind of way.

During all this, they realize that Max never stole the doll in the first place but instead took a can of soda. They clear up the misunderstanding and find out that Max has been left home alone. The McKenzies immediately offer to take him in until his family is back.

Buzz McCallister is also seen reprised by Devin Ratray as a cop who recalls leaving his own brother home alone. The Mercers were using McCallister Home Security, which might be owned by Kevin himself, which is how he pranks his brother Buzz every year. 041b061a72


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