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Review Silverfast 8 Serial Number |VERIFIED|

SilverFast's main competitor is the VueScan 9 Professional Edition, another utility with lots of sophisticated features and the ability to work with any number of scanners. However, for both programs, the real competition is the proprietary scan utilities and drivers that manufacturers supply with their scanners for no extra cost. What makes SilverFast worth considering is that it promises to give you better-quality scans from the same scanners. What makes it worth paying for is that it delivers on its promise.

review silverfast 8 serial number

Nested, Best Cut (Figure 7): In this example, I put as many photos into the Print Window as I wanted, and PT8 automatically arrays them in a manner that allows the user to cut the sheet into individual photos with the minimum possible number of cuts. This is quite ingenuous and handy, as those of us using paper trimmers can appreciate.

Nested, best fit (Figure 8): This is another kind of array of the same photos, this time PT8 automatically organizes them to fit in as few square inches of paper as possible. I can see this being particularly helpful to people making large numbers of prints at one shot from a roll feed, where getting maximum mileage per square foot of paper saves money.

When ready to print, the Print manager (Figure 9) in the lower right corner of the interface provides a last check on the settings that matter: your choices of printer, paper profile, print quality, paper source, rendering intent and number of copies and pages to print. All of these settings are adjustable from this interface at any time before printing. When satisfied, click Print.

SilverFast allows users to select a number of options and modify a legion of settings. Most importantly, you can set the scan resolution, specify the type of film you are scanning (negative or positive, with Kodachrome being a separate option due to the special characteristics of that emulsion), select the scan area, specify the output file type and destination folder, pick a neutral grey point, make global and selective colour corrections and curves adjustments, and more.

silverfast are unclear about which version of 8 actually works with 5400 mark one. does the software use its own driver to see your minolta? you cannot use dimage software on windows 10 32 bit and silverfast stopped 32 bit support so a bit fogged. anyone care to tell me their current setup? or i go mac?

Conclusion And Recommendation The latest version of SilverFast ( contains many new features that aid users in getting better image quality from their scans. While one interesting feature of this upgrade, Multi-Exposure, works fine with the Nikon CoolScan, you will have to use the workaround described to avoid ghosting with some other scanners. The fluid mounting method I described probably can be refined further, and be made advantageous for those who want to push for the ultimate ideal in scan quality. Fortunately, the Version 6.5 upgrade that includes Multi-Exposure can be acquired in the SilverFast SE Plus version for as little as $35 for anyone with a licensed copy of SilverFast SE, and somewhat more for users of SilverFast Ai. Pricing does vary relative to the brand and model scanner so visit the SilverFast website for the specifics. If you are just curious if what I have described will work for you, and to check on results with your scanner, a demo version of SilverFast for most scanners can be downloaded from their site at no charge. (You can get an instant link to the download page at the Shutterbug Co-Op at For more information, contact LaserSoft Imaging, Inc., 3212 Gulf Gate Dr., Unit B, Sarasota, FL 34231; (941) 921-4815;

VueScan is intended to work with a large number of image scanners, excluding specialised professional scanners such as drum scanners, on many computer operating systems (OS), even if drivers for the scanner are not available for the OS. These scanners are supplied with device drivers and software to operate them, included in their price. A 2014 review considered that the reasons to purchase VueScan are to allow older scanners not supported by drivers for newer operating systems to be used in more up-to-date systems and for better scanning and processing of photographs (prints; also slides and negatives when supported by scanners) than is afforded by manufacturers' software.[7] The review did not report any advantages to VueScan's processing of documents over other software. The reviewer considered VueScan comparable to SilverFast, a similar program, with support for some specific scanners better in one or the other. Vuescan supports more scanners, with a single purchase giving access to the full range of both film and flatbed scanners, and costs less.


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