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Anatoly Shestakov
Anatoly Shestakov

Diagun 980540728600

Serial number:980540184600 March update file download address: 980540728800 Apri Update file download address: 980541827300 Newest update file 980540728600 Newest update file: 980540000100 2012.05.09Latest serial number

Diagun 980540728600

Download Zip:

980540641600980540728600980540728800980540000100 (2012.12.20 latest version)980540641600980540728600980540728800980540000100980540000400

i have launch x431, carman 1, bosch kts 570, vag com and an old snap on brick.i had auto boss on loan for a month but much preferred launch for coverage. but at the end of the day all scanners have their own strengths and weaknesses.most all use the same software for all of their products, so if you have launch diagun, master or x431, they still use the same software & retain all the same capabilites.but overall I prefer launch for its large range, however, bosch is very good and never doesnt do a car that it says it will do.

Answer:I think X431 master is better. Launch master is better. Because until now, I still can't print from launch diagun using hp laset jet 1102.dn't you know why?Because Diagun works just with an HP printer and with one of dedicated printer made by Launch.Master is better in this case because it has his printer, that's right.

Diagun is more faster,the software are sameBut new Master is good. Because it needs not to download software, so speed is quick.If you do diagnostic on vehicles which have more than 12V - 14V than Mater is better option!Diagun is smaller; it has Bluetooth, test two cars at the same time.If you can update it I think both them are very good.This tool is out of stock, you can choose the update version tool-Launch X431 Diagun IV: -x431-diagun-diagnostic-tool-scanner.html


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