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David Wood
David Wood

File: XCOM Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition...

Here are the things you actually should do to get XCOM 2 running significantly better - though it won't lead you all the way to the hallowed 60/Maximum, and you'll still have to suffer a lot of wild spiking in the framerate. Some of these are in-game settings, some involve delving into your graphics card's driver menus, which I appreciate is an enemy unknown for some folk but honestly isn't actually that hard. If you already know your way around XCOM 2's graphics options and haven't had much success, I urge you to jump straight to tip 7 - a driver-side fix which almost doubled my own frame-rate.

File: XCOM Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition...

TIP: When going for this achievement, it is a good idea to select your base location as South America, as this will mean all interrogations and autopsies are completed instantly.Also try and capture each alien as soon as they start to appear on missions, as waiting until later levels can be difficult when attempting to capture several at once. Aliens like Sectoids and Thin Men become less frequent on later missions. When capturing tougher enemies, rely on your veteran soldiers, as you will most likely take a few hits and this will mean instant death for rookies. Also be sure to upgrade your Arc Thrower in the foundry when the upgrade becomes available later in the game. This will mean you can stun an enemy without having to wear down its health first. 041b061a72


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