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David Wood

Daisy 2006 Korean Movie 20 2021

(spoiler) its a great movie , altho, i think it would have been better if the main character guy got shot a couple of times at the end after killing everybody, and with half a life left maded to the boss, and make a final stand off, got shot some more, killed the boss, and fall his back against the wall,slowly falling down to a sitting position against the wall n unable to move a muscle,, as he slowly dying, he think about the girl, while the daisy song is play in the background. then jump to the last scene with everyone at the bus stop. the end.

daisy 2006 korean movie 20

I just finished watching this movie ,(i kno its an old thread, didnt wana start a new 1) , pretty tragic ending :S, and i also rewinded back to the start of the movie to confirm all 3 were under the shelter, u dont get a close up of the 2 leading male actors but u can clearly see the pot of daisys held by the assasin. a good movie none the less, probly just wouldnt wana watch it over n over tho, i love kdramas.Ji-hyun Jun is so pretty :D

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