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Sleep Paralysis The Uncanny Valley

Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley is a very sensitive game. Players have to be strong and active to play this game. This video game is about Thomas and how he suffers in sleep because of sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis The Uncanny Valley

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As a player, you will be unable to control certain things in Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley. First, all players need to find out the clues and the reason behind such dreams. Second, the players have to calculate and take decisions properly while in sleep paralysis. Any bad decisions will end the game on a bad note.

You can get what you always expected on this virtual platform. It is a unique game; it is hard to find any game based on such a real thing. Many players can relate to this game because of the same issues. Appreciate Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley for bringing up sleep paralysis and giving it the shape of a video game.

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person awakens from sleep but is temporarily paralyzed, unable to move or speak. The phenomenon, in fact, is not uncommon. Around 20 percent of people experience sleep paralysis at least once in their life.

Though the episodes of sleep paralysis are brief, lasting a few seconds to minutes, they are rich with mystery and potential insight into the nature of the human brain. How does sleep paralysis happen, and why does it accompany the strangest hallucinations?

It is still unclear whether the fear generated by sleep paralysis can be pathological. But in our recent study, we found that experiencers of sleep paralysis in Egypt have greater symptoms of trauma and anxiety compared to those who have never experienced it. Intriguingly, we also found that those who experience hallucinations during their sleep paralysis have more trauma and anxiety symptoms. These findings point to the possibility that sleep paralysis, if accompanied by certain beliefs, might be a traumatizing experience. This is also consistent with the findings of Richard McNally, also at Harvard, that sleep paralysis interpreted as alien abduction can elicit physiological fear comparable to patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. 041b061a72


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