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Pokemon Black And White 2: A Complete Guide to Exploring Unova and Beyond

Pokemon Black And White 2 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Pokemon games, you probably know that Pokemon Black And White 2 are the sequels to the original Pokemon Black And White games that were released in 2010. These games are set in the same region of Unova, but with a new story, new characters, new locations, and new features. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, you might be wondering how to get the most out of these games. That's why I have prepared this comprehensive guide for you. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Pokemon Black And White 2, from how to start your adventure, how to catch and train Pokemon, how to battle other trainers, how to complete your Pokedex, and how to enjoy the post-game content. So grab your Nintendo DS or 3DS, load up your game, and let's get started!

Pokemon Black And White 2 Guide.pdf

What are Pokemon Black And White 2?

Pokemon Black And White 2 are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. They are part of the fifth generation of Pokemon games, along with Pokemon Black And White. They were released in Japan in June 2012, in North America and Australia in October 2012, and in Europe in October 2012.

Unlike most Pokemon games, which are usually paired versions that have minor differences, Pokemon Black And White 2 are direct sequels that take place two years after the events of Pokemon Black And White. The story follows a new protagonist who lives in Aspertia City, a town located in the southwestern part of Unova. The protagonist sets out on a journey to become a Pokemon Master, while also facing the threat of Team Plasma, a villainous organization that wants to liberate Pokemon from humans.

Pokemon Black And White 2 have many new features that make them stand out from previous games. Some of these features are:

  • A new story that explores the aftermath of Team Plasma's actions and introduces new characters such as Hugh, Colress, Roxie, Marlon, Cheren, Bianca, N, Ghetsis, and more.

  • A revamped Unova region that has changed significantly due to natural disasters and human development. There are new areas to explore such as Virbank City, Floccesy Town, Lentimas Town, Humilau City, Reversal Mountain, Giant Chasm, Marine Tube, Nature Preserve, and more.

  • Over 300 different species of Pokemon that can be found in the wild, including Pokemon from previous generations that were not available in Pokemon Black And White. There are also new forms of some Pokemon, such as Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, which are the fusion of Kyurem and either Zekrom or Reshiram.

  • A new game mechanic called the Pokemon World Tournament, where you can battle against famous trainers from previous games, such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champions, and more.

  • A new game mechanic called the PokeStar Studios, where you can star in your own movies and interact with different scenarios and characters.

  • A new game mechanic called the Join Avenue, where you can build your own shopping mall and attract customers by inviting other players via wireless communication.

  • A new game mechanic called the Medal Rally, where you can earn medals by completing various achievements and challenges.

  • An enhanced version of the C-Gear, which is a device that allows you to communicate with other players and access various online features, such as the Dream World, the Entralink, the GTS, the PGL, and more.

  • An enhanced version of the Pokedex, which has a new design and can display more information about each Pokemon.

How to Start Your Adventure

Before you start playing Pokemon Black And White 2, you will need to choose which version you want to play. The two versions have some differences that might affect your gameplay experience. For example, some Pokemon are exclusive to one version or the other, such as Throh and Sawk, Vullaby and Rufflet, Zekrom and Reshiram, etc. Some locations also have different appearances or events depending on the version, such as Opelucid City, Reversal Mountain, Black City and White Forest, etc. Some trainers also have different teams or strategies depending on the version, such as Cheren, Roxie, Drayden and Iris, etc. You can check out this list of version differences to help you decide which one suits you better.

Once you have chosen your version, you can start your game by selecting "New Game" from the main menu. You will be greeted by Professor Juniper, who will introduce you to the world of Pokemon and ask you some questions. You will need to choose your gender (male or female), your name (up to seven characters), and your rival's name (up to seven characters). You can also choose the language of your game from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean.

After that, you will see a cutscene where you are riding a bike with your rival in Aspertia City. You will then arrive at your home, where your mother will give you a present: a brand new Xtransceiver. This is a device that allows you to make video calls with other people. Your mother will also tell you that Bianca, one of the protagonists of Pokemon Black And White, is waiting for you outside. You will then meet Bianca outside your house. She will tell you that she is now Professor Juniper's assistant and that she has come to give you your first Pokemon. She will lead you to the nearby lookout, where you will see a briefcase containing three Poke Balls. You will need to choose one of them as your starter Pokemon. The three options are:

  • Snivy: A Grass-type Pokemon that resembles a green snake. It has high Speed and Special Defense stats but low Attack and Special Attack stats. It evolves into Servine at level 17 and into Serperior at level 36.

  • Tepig: A Fire-type Pokemon that resembles a red pig. It has high Attack and Special Attack stats but low Speed and Defense stats. It evolves into Pignite at level 17 and into Emboar at level 36. It also gains the Fighting type upon evolution.

  • Oshawott: A Water-type Pokemon that resembles a blue otter. It has balanced stats overall but slightly favors Special Attack and Special Defense. It evolves into Dewott at level 17 and into Samurott at level 36.

The choice of starter Pokemon is entirely up to you and depends on your personal preference and playstyle. However, keep in mind that your rival will choose the starter Pokemon that has a type advantage over yours (for example, if you choose Snivy, your rival will choose Tepig). This means that you will have a harder time defeating them in battles throughout the game. You can also check out this guide for more information about each starter Pokemon and their movesets.

capture Pokemon in the wild. She will then ask you to battle her to test your skills. This will be your first Pokemon battle in the game. A Pokemon battle is a turn-based combat system where you and your opponent each send out one Pokemon at a time and use various moves to damage or affect each other. You can choose from four options: Fight, Bag, Pokemon, or Run. Fight lets you choose a move from your Pokemon's move list. Bag lets you use an item from your inventory. Pokemon lets you switch your current Pokemon with another one in your party. Run lets you flee from the battle (but only if you are not facing a trainer). The battle ends when one side runs out of Pokemon or when you run away. You can learn more about Pokemon battles here.

After defeating Bianca, she will compliment you on your performance and tell you to meet her at the Pokemon Center, which is a building where you can heal your Pokemon for free and access other services. She will also tell you that Professor Juniper wants to talk to you on the Xtransceiver. You will then receive a call from Professor Juniper, who will congratulate you on getting your first Pokemon and Pokedex and explain your main goal: to complete the Pokedex by seeing and catching as many Pokemon as possible. She will also tell you that she has another gift for you: a Town Map, which is an item that shows you the layout of the Unova region and your current location. She will then ask you to visit her in Nuvema Town, which is where she lives and works.

Before leaving Aspertia City, you might want to explore it a bit and talk to some people. You can also visit your home and talk to your mother, who will give you a pair of Running Shoes, which allow you to run faster by holding the B button. She will also tell you that she will heal your Pokemon whenever you visit her. You can also visit the lookout again and talk to Hugh, who will challenge you to another battle. This time, he will have two Pokemon: his starter Pokemon and a Patrat, a Normal-type Pokemon that resembles a brown rodent. After defeating him, he will tell you that he is going after Team Plasma, who stole his sister's Purrloin two years ago. He will then leave for Route 19, which is the road that leads to Floccesy Town.

When you are ready, you can follow Hugh to Route 19. Along the way, you will encounter wild Pokemon that will randomly appear in the tall grass. You can battle them to gain experience points and level up your Pokemon, or try to catch them with Poke Balls to add them to your Pokedex and party. You can also find items on the ground or hidden in certain spots. You can use the Dowsing Machine app on your C-Gear to locate hidden items more easily. You can also talk to other trainers who will challenge you to battles if you make eye contact with them. You can learn more about Route 19 here.

At the end of Route 19, you will reach Floccesy Town, which is a small town surrounded by nature. Here, you will meet Alder, who is the former Champion of Unova and a mentor of aspiring trainers. He will notice your potential and offer to train you at his house. He will also introduce you to his grandson Benga, who is a young trainer who loves Dragon-type Pokemon. You can follow Alder to his house, which is located at the north of the town. There, he will teach you some basic tips about Pokemon battles and types. He will also ask you to help him catch a wild Riolu, a Fighting-type Pokemon that resembles a blue dog with black markings. He will give you five more Poke Balls and lead you to Route 20, which is where Riolu can be found.

How to Catch and Train Pokemon

One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of playing Pokemon games is catching and training different kinds of Pokemon. There are over 300 different species of Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Black And White 2, each with their own unique appearance, abilities, moves, stats, and personality. By catching and training various Pokemon, you can create your own team that suits your style and preferences.

To catch a wild Pokemon, you first need to encounter it in the wild. Wild Pokemon can appear in different places depending on their habitat and rarity. Some common places where wild Pokemon can appear are tall grass, caves, water, sand, and dark spots. You can also use certain items or methods to increase or decrease the chances of encountering wild Pokemon, such as Repels, Honey, Sweet Scent, etc. You can check out this list of wild Pokemon locations to find out where and how to find specific Pokemon.

Once you encounter a wild Pokemon, you will enter a battle with it. To catch it, you need to weaken it by using your Pokemon's moves to lower its HP (hit points) and inflict status conditions on it, such as Sleep, Paralysis, Poison, Burn, or Freeze. The lower the HP and the worse the status condition of the wild Pokemon, the easier it will be to catch it. However, be careful not to knock it out by reducing its HP to zero, or else you will lose the chance to catch it.

After weakening the wild Pokemon, you need to use a Poke Ball to try to catch it. A Poke Ball is an item that can capture a Pokemon inside it if thrown at it. There are different kinds of Poke Balls that have different effects and catch rates, such as Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Quick Balls, etc. You can buy Poke Balls at any Pokemon Center or find them in various places. You can also get some Poke Balls for free from certain people or events.

To use a Poke Ball, you need to select the Bag option from the battle menu and choose the Poke Ball you want to use. You will then throw the Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon and hope for the best. The Poke Ball will shake up to three times before either clicking or breaking open. If it clicks, that means you have successfully caught the wild Pokemon. If it breaks open, that means the wild Pokemon has escaped and you need to try again or use a different Poke Ball. You can also use certain items or moves to increase the catch rate of Poke Balls, such as False Swipe, Spore, Thunder Wave, etc.

After catching a wild Pokemon, you will be able to see its information on your Pokedex and give it a nickname if you want. The wild Pokemon will also join your party if you have less than six Pokemon with you. If you have six Pokemon already, the wild Pokemon will be sent to your PC box, which is a storage system that can hold up to 720 Pokemon. You can access your PC box at any Pokemon Center or at certain other locations.

To train your Pokemon, you need to battle with them and gain experience points (EXP). EXP are points that measure how much your Pokemon have learned from battles. When your Pokemon gain enough EXP, they will level up and increase their stats. Some Pokemon will also evolve into new forms when they reach certain levels or meet certain conditions. For example, Snivy evolves into Servine at level 17 and into Serperior at level 36. Evolution usually makes your Pokemon stronger and gives them access to new moves and abilities.

To gain EXP, you can battle against wild Pokemon or other trainers. Wild Pokemon usually give less EXP than trainer battles, but they are easier to find and defeat. Trainer battles usually give more EXP than wild Pokemon battles, but they are harder to win and require more strategy. You can also use certain items or methods to increase or decrease the amount of EXP your Pokemon gain from battles, such as Lucky Egg, Exp. Share, Audino grinding, etc.

To make your Pokemon stronger and more versatile, you also need to teach them new moves and abilities. Moves are actions that your Pokemon can use in battles to damage or affect their opponents or themselves. Abilities are passive effects that your Pokemon have that can influence various aspects of battles or exploration. Each Pokemon can have up to four moves and one ability at a time.

Pokemon can learn new moves in different ways:

  • By leveling up: Most Pokemon learn new moves automatically when they reach certain levels. You can check out this list of level-up moves for each Pokemon.

  • By using TMs or HMs: TMs (Technical Machines) and HMs (Hidden Machines) are items that can teach your Pokemon new moves instantly. TMs can be used multiple times but HMs can only be used once. You can find TMs and HMs in various places or get them from certain people or events. You can also buy some TMs at some shops. You can check out this list of TMs and HMs locations and effects.

  • By breeding: Some moves can only be learned by breeding two compatible Pokemon together and hatching their offspring. These moves are called Egg Moves and are usually inherited from the father Pokemon. You can breed your Pokemon at the Day Care Center located on Route 3. You can check out this list of Egg Moves for each Pokemon.

in teaching certain moves. These moves are called Tutor Moves and are usually very powerful or rare. You can find tutors in various places or get access to them by completing certain quests or events. You can check out this list of Tutor Moves and their locations.

Pokemon can also change their abilities in different ways:

  • By evolving: Some Pokemon change their abilities when they evolve into new forms. For example, Snivy has the ability Overgrow, which boosts the power of Grass-type moves when its HP is low, but when it evolves into Serperior, it has the ability Contrary, which reverses the effects of stat changes.

  • By using items: Some items can change your Pokemon's abilities when used on them. For example, the Ability Capsule can switch your Pokemon's ability between its two possible abilities (except for Hidden Abilities). The Ability Patch can change your Pokemon's ability to its Hidden Ability, which is a special ability that is usually hard to obtain.

  • By using moves: Some moves can change your Pokemon's abilities during battles. For example, the move Skill Swap can exchange your Pokemon's ability with its opponent's ability. The move Entrainment can make your opponent's ability match your Pokemon's ability.

By catching and training different Pokemon, you can create your own team that suits your style and preferences. However, you should also consider some factors that can affect your team's performance and balance, such as:

  • Type: Each Pokemon and move has one or two types that determine their strengths and weaknesses against other types. For example, Fire-type Pokemon and moves are strong against Grass-type Pokemon and moves, but weak against Water-type Pokemon and moves. You should try to have a variety of types in your team to cover different situations and avoid being vulnerable to one type.

  • Stats: Each Pokemon has six stats that measure their physical and mental capabilities: HP (hit points), Attack (physical damage), Defense (physical resistance), Special Attack (special damage), Special Defense (special resistance), and Speed (turn order). Each Pokemon has different base stats that are determined by their species and nature. You should try to have a balance of stats in your team to deal with different kinds of opponents and strategies.

  • Moveset: Each Pokemon can have up to four moves that they can use in battles. Each move has different effects and characteristics, such as power, accuracy, priority, category, etc. You should try to have a variety of moves in your team to deal with different situations and targets. You should also consider the compatibility and synergy of your moves with your Pokemon's type, ability, stats, etc.

  • Ability: Each Pokemon has one ability that can influence various aspects of battles or exploration. Each ability has different effects and triggers, such as boosting stats, changing weather, preventing status conditions, etc. You should try to have abilities that complement your Pokemon's type, moveset, stats, etc. You should also be aware of the abilities of your opponents and how they can affect your strategy.

  • Item: Each Pokemon can hold one item that can enhance their performance or provide some benefits. Each item has different effects and conditions, such as healing HP, increasing stats, activating abilities, etc. You should try to have items that suit your Pokemon's type, moveset, ability, stats, etc. You should also be careful of the items that your opponents might have and how they can affect your strategy.

How to Battle Other Trainers

Besides catching and training Pokemon, another important aspect of playing Pokemon games is battling other trainers. Other trainers are people who also have their own Pokemon and challenge you to battles for various reasons. Some trainers are friendly and want to test their skills or have fun with you. Some trainers are hostile and want to stop you from achieving your goals or harm you in some way. Some trainers are special and have important roles or titles in the game world.

To battle other trainers, you need to encounter them i


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