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Jessica Cruz
Jessica Cruz

War Of The Worlds

The thing is, we never believe the tripods and their invasion are practical. How did these vast metal machines lie undetected for so long beneath the streets of a city honeycombed with subway tunnels, sewers, water and power lines, and foundations? And why didn't a civilization with the physical science to build and deploy the tripods a million years ago not do a little more research about conditions on the planet before sending its invasion force? It's a war of the worlds, all right -- but at a molecular, not a planetary level.

War of the Worlds

Like me on facebook: @erwtenpellerUnfortunately the amount of downloads this mix has gotten has exceeded the capacity of soundcloud.You can now download the mix from the following URL: visit the thread at -wayne-s-war-of-the-worlds-a-dubstep-refit-t111574.htmlA dubstep mix retelling Jeff Wayne's musical version of war of the worlds, sampling the original narratives by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex,CHAPTER 1: The Arrival1. Starkey - Drip (Creative Space)2. Actraiser - Treasures Of The Deep (Unreleased)3. Quantum Soul - Babylon I keep down (Z Audio)4. Sykotic - Sykotic Stomp (Unreleased)5. Distance - Fallen (Planet Mu)CHAPTER 2: Massacre of Mankind6. Bullet Bill - Within Range (Unreleased)7. LeBelgeElectrod - Three Pitting of Syringe ( Substep Infrabass - Voices from God (Bass Punch Records)9. Rakoon - Cloacking Device (Bass Punch Records)10. 16 bit - PCP (Urban Essential Records)11. LeBelgeElectrod - Because they don't exist ( 3: The Earth belonged to the martians.12. Distance - Loosen My Grip (Planet Mu)13. Reso - Holograms(Pitch Black)14. Black Sun Empire - Cold Crysis (Shadows of the Empire)15. Netrik - Slime Factory (Unreleased)16. Distance - Ska (Planet Mu)17. Suspect & DoomTrooper - Feral Child (Prime Audio)18. Genetic Krew - Stone (Bass Punch Records)CHAPTER 4: Brave New World19. Distance - Skeleton Grin (Planet Mu)20. LeBelgeElectrod - Life is a Wobble Bass ( Suspicious Stench - I am what I am (Suspicious Stench)22. Bar 9 - Pussyhole (Juno Records)23. Caspa - I beat my robot (subsoldiers)24. Disonata - Alpha & The Omega (Unreleased)25. rdubz - Danger (Bass Punch Records) 041b061a72


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