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Heil Heat Pump Serial Number

The Heil brand is produced by International Comfort Products. Units produced since the early 1990s have a serial number that is a single letter followed by a series of numbers. The first two numbers are the year of manufacture. So the serial number shown below indicates that the condenser unit was manufactured in 1991. See our blog post How many tons is my Heil heat pump or air conditioner? for the size of your Heil unit. And the age of another brand or manufacturer, go to our blog post How do I determine the age of my air conditioner?

heil heat pump serial number

And to figure out what all the other numbers listed on the condenser data plate mean, go to our blog post How do I understand the air conditioner or heat pump condenser label (data plate)?

Your Heil home air conditioner, heat pump or furnace carries a limited warranty on all functional parts. Most Heil units feature an outstanding 10-year parts limited warranty.* Other key components, such as heat exchangers, may carry a longer limited warranty. Look for specific details in the product description, check the Warranty Certificate, or ask your dealer for information.

You can determine the date of manufacture based off of the 4 digits after the first letter in the serial number. The 2nd and 3rd digit indicate the year of manufacture, and the 4th and 5th digit indicate the week of that year the unit was manufactured. The following digits are the sequence number

Free downloadable Heil manuals for Air Conditioners, Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps. Here we provide free downloadable copies of installation and service manuals for heating, heat pump, and air conditioning equipment, or contact information for Heil who can provide that information for nearly all major brands of HVAC equipment.

Heil HVAC equipment manufacturing date is usually encoded in the serial numberYYWW567890 or in the serial number format XYYWW56790 (ignore the first alphabetic character, pick up the first four numeric digits, and decode them as YYWW as we illustrate here.

pretty much i think the problem is the limit control switch needs to be replaced. fan runs on manual, only. although, i did hear the fan come on by itself a week or so back. overnight, i have the themostat at 62, and fan on auto. anyway, thank you for mentioning that the honeywell module has a metal cover, which must be missing on this particular furnace. it's a HEIL NULK075AG02 serial H611 33891. just thought, maybe the honeywell number i need is on the missing cover. anyway. the furnace may have started out LP, but is running on NG, now. so, which honeywell part do i need? also, when i bought the inducer fan assembly last year, they gave me what i thought was a flame sensor, that i took back because i couldn't see how to install it. current one has fittings pointing up, and their replacement had horizontal which would have required bending something. force-fitting is usually an indication of a wrong choice, i find. thanks for your help

Learn the age of your heat pump, mini split, AC, or furnace with this guide. This article is a quick reference guide for the most common manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment (or HVAC equipment). Most manufacturers of heating/cooling equipment do not clearly state the manufacture year on the data plate or label. However, the year of manufacture is typically coded in the serial number. By referencing the manufacturer below with the serial number, the age of the equipment can be determined in most cases.

Heat pumps and Air Conditioners use refrigerant to create heat differential efficiencies. Units with R-22 refrigerant have been phased out and are no longer manufactured. Today heat pumps are manufactured using newer R410A and R454b refrigerants. When a homeowner has a heat pump that uses R22 refrigerant, they should budget to replace the unit, as it can fail at any time.

Learn the age of your Kitchen and Laundry appliances with this guide. This article includes serial number decoders for the most common manufacturers of refrigerators, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, washers and dryers.

It can be challenging to tell the age of Heil HVAC by looking at the serial number. Each Heil unit has a data tag that contains essential information, including the year of the manufacturer. Today, we will guide you on identifying the Heil HVAC age from the serial number.

The Heil HVAC is a Carrier Corporation company, and their units are produced by International Comfort Products. You may find similar serial number formats between Heil and Carrier. Identifying the age of a Heil furnace and air conditioner is almost the same as the process of identifying a Carrier.

Heil has provided heating and cooling solutions to consumers for over 100 years. If you need an air conditioner, gas furnace, heat pump or packaged product, Heil can help. Outlined here are the top Heil heat pumps available, their features, cost considerations and other pertinent details.

The QuietComfort Deluxe 18 combines efficiency, quiet operation and state-of-the-art technology. In most climates, homeowners can use this heat pump year-round thanks to its warm winter heating and enhanced summer humidity control. You can also combine it with a compatible thermostat and gas furnace for dual-fuel heating if you live in an extreme climate.

With its two-stage scroll compressor, the QuietComfort Deluxe 16 delivers reliable heating and cooling. It operates mostly on its efficient and quiet lower stage. Combine this heat pump with a compatible thermostat and gas furnace for dual-fuel heating.

This heat pump provides you with cooling efficiencies of up to 16 SEER and a heating rating of up to nine HSPF. If you live in a colder climate, pair this heat pump with a compatible thermostat and gas furnace for dual-fuel heating efficiency.

Having Trouble? In most cases, your installing dealer is the best source for your registration information. For Example, they will have accurate serial numbers for your new equipment as well as information to ensure they are properly selected as your installing dealer.

Each Heil air conditioning unit has a data or rating plate which serves as an identification tag that contains important information, instructions, and warnings. The serial number of a Heil air conditioning unit is located on its data or rating plate. The data plate is typically found on the outside jacket of the air conditioning unit.

This format also consists of nine characters. The first character is a letter followed by nine numerical digits. An example of this type of serial number is H55120465. This format looks the same as style 2, but the serial number will be on a sticker.

The first serial number style is the latest format used by Heil among all the other styles. This format is used by units manufactured by ICP. The manufacturing year can be determined by the first and second numerical digits. Furthermore, the third and fourth numerical digits represent the week of that specific production year.

The second serial number format was used exclusively by Heil from 1980 to 1989. The first character, which is a letter, indicates the decade it was manufactured. The second character, which is a numerical digit, shows the specific year of the decade it was manufactured. Lastly, the second and third number indicates the week it was produced.

There are serial numbers as well that were issued for those air conditioning units that were repaired under recall. The serial number style 3 is an example of this. So if your Heil air conditioning unit was repaired under recall, the manufacturer issues a new serial number by placing a sticker over the old serial number.

For you to know your Heil air conditioning unit's age, you must first locate its data plate wherein its serial number is located. Once found, check which serial number style does your unit displays, and from there, you could now decipher what year and week your unit was manufactured. 350c69d7ab


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