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Univox Bass Guitar Serial Number Year Madel

Bought a Univox Badazz in 1976-1977. Have no way of determining it's manufacture date as the serial numbers were arbitrary, although I am aware that the Badazz model was made from 1971 to 1975. I have many guitars and hadn't really touched the Univox for years but recently brought it out of storage and have been enjoying reacquainting myself with it. Very comfortable neck and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it has a 7.25" fret board radius (vintage Fender radius) which I happen to find very comfortable (just wish my strats had them). The pickups were initially very microphonic but after wax potting them they are fine and have their own character. Glad I've hung on to it for 40 plus years.

Univox Bass Guitar Serial Number Year Madel

The Hi-Flier went through many changes, generally divided into four "phases." However, the changes that define these have "transitional" periods, where characteristics from an older phase carry over into early production of a new phase. It is impossible to date these guitars by the serial number as it is uncertain whether records were kept on their production.


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