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It only took 12 months

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I was sharing with some friends about my kid's red envelope money and how I invested it and created a portfolio generating a 40% return a year ago.

40% return in 12 months is an outstanding ROI (return on investment). But more astonishing are people’s mentality shifts within the last 12 months.

Just 12 months ago, a 40% return on your investment was laughed at by the crypto community. And for the first time, stock traders it was looked at as “eh” - I’m not impressed attitude.

Roll the clock forward 12 months, and my kid’s portfolio with a 40% return is an envy for any investor, crypto community, and top brokerage firm… it’s viewed as astonishing and “wow!”

It only took 12 months… to make such a significant mental shift for the investing community. What happened? Why the big mental shift?

From my trading in the last 25 years, I've learned the hard way too, that it’s not about how much you make during good times but how much you continue to build wealth and increase your portfolio during bad times. Have a plan to enter the market and also have a plan for when to exit or hold. I believe trading is 80% mental.


AOF - Trevor

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